Is Sparkling Water Harmful to Your Teeth? Understanding the Risks and Benefits


Have you ever wondered if sparkling water is bad for your teeth? Many people ask the same question. Sparkling water is water that has bubbles in it, but these bubbles also make the water slightly acidic.

The acid in sparkling water can cause tooth erosion over time, leading to sensitive teeth and more cavities. Drinking fizzy water too often or adding sugar can also cause tooth decay.

However, sparkling water also has its good sides. Bubbles can help freshen your breath and rid your mouth of food particles. And drinking sparkling water instead of sugary or acidic drinks may be better for your teeth.

To keep your teeth healthy, it’s a good idea to drink sparkling water in moderation and rinse your mouth with clean water after drinking it. And remember to check with your dentist about how sparkling water can affect your teeth.