How Local Names Make More Effective Headlines

If your product resonates with a particular geographical area, try to use a local name in the headline. Not only will you be hitting residents at their comfort level, but you’ll also take advantage of another effect that I call “The Joneses Effect.”

People like to keep up with the Joneses, and though it’s a cliché, it’s also apparent enough to bank on to some degree. If a headline reads “70% of all Seattle Residents Use Poxy-off!” and you’re not one of them, you start thinking maybe you’re doing something wrong or missing something.

There was a test done a while back where a room with five people was given a simple 50/50 question to answer. The catch is that four people were secretly told beforehand to answer each question incorrectly, no matter how simple the question was.

Invariably, the fifth person who’d answered correctly would get increasingly uncomfortable upon discussing their answers with the whole group. In many cases, the fifth person would answer incorrectly on purpose to be like the other four dummies. A few of the people even stated that they thought they were going crazy.

Some people call it peer pressure, but it’s nothing more than the desire to share an everyday reality with the people around you. If you can take advantage of that by writing headlines that appeal to the people in a neighborhood, town, city, or even the whole country, you could reap the benefits