How do you Remove Bed Bugs? All you need to know to Kill Bed Bugs.

Bed bugs are insects 5 to 10 mm long; they are reddish brown, oval, flat, and wingless. Bed bugs are not specifically nocturnal; they are wary of bright lights and more likely to come out of hiding in darker or dimmer environments.

Over 90-bed bug species, the most common of which is the Cimex lectularius, the culprit behind the red itchy, swollen welts on humans and animals. Bed bugs got their name not only because they are known to dwell in beds, headboards, bed frames, mattresses, or springs.

The character spawned from their modus operandi of snacking on warm-blooded creatures while their victim is asleep, which means they are often in bed, hence the name bed bugs. Known to leave bite marks in a row, bed bugs take 3 to 10 minutes to satiate their hunger. Studies have shown that these little blood suckers have been around since ancient times, and it’s not surprising, given that these parasitic insects can last up to 18 months without a meal if hosts are unavailable.

Many wonder how it is possible to get bed bugs when, unlike mosquitoes, these insects are wingless, making their commute seemingly tricky. Bed bugs cannot jump as high as fleas, but they do employ the hitchhiking method. Hosts like humans or animals make good transportation services. All it takes is for a bug to latch itself onto its chosen transport service, and you have a bug that gets to travel conveniently. Hotels, bed and breakfasts, hostels, motels, and the like are some places where a sneaky little bug can originate.

Even economic times or even design and style preferences can also be a significant cause of bed bugs infiltrating households. This is possible when a person dumpster dives or even picks up flea market finds. Why do you think it was named a flea market?

The likelihood of bringing home a new inexpensive item accompanied by little inhabitants such as fleas and others bugs is one of the more negative characterization of a flea market. Sofa creases, seams, frames, springs, and the like are some spots that could provide a home to these unwelcomed house guests.

The bed above bugs is oval and flat, making it easier for them to get into tight tiny spaces that could instantly become their home. A more likely spot for them to dwell in is dark areas shielded from sunlight. This is why it is misconceived that bed bugs are nocturnal when they do not have any problem feasting on some blood during the daytime as long as it is shielded from light or mimic a nighttime atmosphere. Bed bugs are friendly creatures that can hide in groups or on their own.

In most cases, apartment or condo tenants are unaware that these bugs have long infested their homes to move in. Remember, it only takes one household to be invaded for the neighboring units to be infected.